Real Business with Virtual Reality

What We Do

man in black crew neck t-shirt wearing black sunglasses holding black smartphone


Entertainment with VR. We install and host booths with various attractions.

four person playing virtual reality goggles

Team Building

Use the power of VR to entertain and/or work on team values


We set up hands-on experiences for a cross-functional team and support their thinking to find the use cases that are useful to their specific needs


We build immersive videos reproducing real life scenarios in order to test or train the user.

man in blue crew neck shirt wearing black vr goggles


We make onboarding of new employees more fun, engaging and cost-effective

Metaverse / 3D Projects

We build and customize immersive spaces that can be used for commerce, demo or education, accessible through VR or web browsers

man inside computerized room

Augmented 3D Tours

Media-rich visit in 360 degrees. Creation of online custom environment.

white modern cement building under blue sky

Real Estate

Build in 3D the future property or commercial surface for customers or partners to visit virtually.

man wearing black virtual reality headset while painting near brown wall

Custom Projects

Anything is possible! We listen to your needs and build the solution

Our Clients