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In collaboration with VRIST, Mach3 Management, and the Experience Accelerator, we created different workshops to help you and your employees excel in the necessary skills for the job.


Check below our offer and download the PDF to get more details.




Training Summary Duration Participants Price Download pdf

Public speaking


Using simulations in VR, participants under supervision  learn to build a presentation and test it against stressful environments.



Half to Full Day


6 to 12

CHF 6000 for 6 participants


Download PDF


Pilot Training


Using VR flight simulators, participants will test their ability to organise themselves as a team under time constrained and stressful conditions.



Half day


4 to 8

CHF 1200

per participant


Download PDF


Problem Solving


Using VR exercises, participants will work on their ability to improve understanding and deepen empathy, improve relations with colleagues, customers and peers.



Half day


4 to 6

CHF 5000 per workshop  

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